Frequently Asked


18-60 is the ideal age group for Skydiving activities. Minors don’t get disheartened, you need parents/guardians presence and consent to jump and those above 60, you need to get a clean chit from your doctor.

Mentally you may be up for it, but we need to make sure you are physically fit! Anybody up to 90 kilos is fit to jump. People with heart conditions should consult their doctor before jumping. Those under any kind of specific medication must carry a fitness certificate from their doctor as some drugs may affect judgment. If the instructor at the drop zone advises you against jump on fitness/health grounds, you are entitled to a full refund.

We follow a zero-tolerance policy against narcotics or consumption of alcohol within 24 hours prior to jumping.

Clothing is important! We recommend comfortable, preferably athletic clothing. Sneakers and sports shoes, please! We advise you to stay away from skirts, low cut tops, heels, sandals or boots.

Skydiving is subject to weather conditions, but don’t believe the weather on your phones or the TV. Weather on the ground often changes for the better or worse. We will give you the option to call early on the day of your jump for an accurate weather check. And if the weather is very poor, we will reschedule your jump at another convenient time.

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